Bitcoin Mining Pools Hit By DDOS Attacks, uTorrent Silently Installs Epicscale!

The operators who responded to press queries have declared that they wish to keep their pools open in spite of risks involving further attacks. Unfortunately, they refused to pay the ransom as well. The pools have admitted that resolving a situation like this is difficult owing to the power that is possessed by sources responsible for these attacks. Yoshi Goto from Bitmain stated that the attacks were systematic and acknowledged. Hence, it remains unclear when the situation will be fully resolved.

Meanwhile, multiple users are reporting that latest update for uTorrent silently installs bitcoin-mining software that is processor-hogging in nature. Unfortunately, it is being done without your prior knowledge. Multiple comment threads in the uTorrent forums reveal that the version 3.4.2 build 28913 includes EpicScale.

It is a bitcoin mining program that makes use of “unused processing power to change the world.” It is of no surprise that money is definitely involved in this particular deal. However, in an official statement, the company declared that there are no silent installations. According to them, the users have definitely accepted the offer while installing.

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