Bill Goldberg Will Be A WWE 2K17 Pre-Order Exclusive Playable Character, Upcoming Game Will Release In October!

He initially wanted to put a smile on his son’s face, letting him see what his daddy used to do and how ripped people’s heads off! He further added that if this leads to something like that, he doesn’t have an idea about it. Goldberg further added, “You never say never”.

Darren Bongiovanni, Wrestling statistician, recently noted that in the recent episode of WWE Smackdown, R-Truth, Golden Truth and Goldust wrestled someone other than Fandango and Tyler Breeze, for the first time in nearly five months.

Golden Truth faced a new opponent during the 8th January episode of WWE Superstars, during which he faced The Ascension. During that time, they teamed up against the Dudley Boyz.

While promoting WWE 2K17, Goldberg spoke to Game Center HQ. The interview was conducted on the set of his commercial for pre-order reveal. He discussed past pre-order legends like Ultimate Warrior and Sting and why he originally decided to sign up a deal with WWE 2K17. In other WWE news, Rusev and Lana have arranged a 2nd September wedding date. Reports indicate that it will be filmed during a new episode of Total Divas.

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