Bieber Flirts with Irina Shayk, Escapes a Wardrobe Malfunction While Holidaying, And More

Irina wore a multi-coloured bikini with vibrant colours like purple, green and red. She wore a tan coloured sunhat to keep her brunette locks away. The star also had a green and black shawl covering parts of her beautiful curvaceous body.

She went into the water on a boat with the idea to surf, but with rough waves and surviving an almost wardrobe malfunction the 29 year old was seen to take a spot on the sand before the day turned any scarier for her.

She was joined in the Mexican holiday with her mother. Irina posted photos of a dinner date with her lovely mother. The holiday is a good way for her to relax after the break up from Ronaldo and the subsequent inquisitiveness from the media about her life.

With an almost wardrobe malfunction and Justin Bieber showing special interest to catch up for a flirtatious chat, the ex-girlfriend of the popular footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot of things happening around her. It is only a matter of time before we find out whether there’s a new couple for the industry to talk about