Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Rumors and Speculations Discussed, Dark Secrets about Life Away From Public Eye Revealed!

Both Beyonce and Jay Z managed to get married without alerting the paparazzi. Until after the couple had already tied the knot, nothing about their wedding was reported.

After the infamous elevator footage, the couple actually managed to use the publicity to their advantage when they hit the road for their ‘On the Run’ tour that summer. Due to all of the publicity, the tour turned out to be a major success by the end and the divorce rumors had already diminished. However, there was still some chatter about Jay-Z’s infidelity but he and Beyonce remained out of public eyes until recently.

The ugly rumors are now back again, especially due to a lot insider reports. The couple managed really well in keeping their life private and completely out of public eye.

In other news, Lea Michele was seen heading back to her car after bidding goodbye to a friend in Los Angeles on 4th March, Friday. The 29-year-old Scream Queens star hit up a SoulCycle class after appearing on The Late Late Show earlier this week. She further revealed that she might have gone to an LA Clippers game but it was more like a Jay Z and Beyonce concert to her.

Stay tuned for more updates on Beyonce and Jay-Z!