Who has better feature? Facebook or Snapchat

Who has better feature? facebook or snapchat

In the battle of social media snapchat is catching facebook very fast but, In the race, social media platforms are adding an extraordinary feature to draw in an audience. These days facebook is working on a feature to push curated content directly to user’s news feed.

To increase publicity and marketing these kind of curated news are being added as a new feature by facebook. This feature is kind of marketing tool and a way to increase social media revenue.

As per the news, the discovery of this feature is not out of the box because it was already implemented by social media giant snapchat. A few days back facebook tried to buy snapchat, Offer rejected by snapchat made their key feature of snap stories reflected to the Instagram as a revenge by facebook.

Feature discovered by snapchat is the display of content in an organized way from sponsors. The news came that content will be added to user’s news feed. Now sponsors have to pay extra or they need to gather more likes in order to post their content directly to user’s news feed.

A few days back, Mark Zuckerberg announced that his team is working from a long time on reducing an anomaly of fake news or fraud content. He said it’s a tough task to handle technically as well as philosophically. Work is still in progress as there are lots of test cases to handle and there is need of proper measure to follow so, that it does not violate other policies.

There are chances that snapchat does not loose it’s grip in front of facebook because snapchat has gathered million of the audience towards it. Facebook has a big name as it came earlier than snapchat so has more audience but, thinking power of facebook is not that sharp to bring something out of box, instead of copying various features from snapchat, facebook needs to think extra.