Bethesda to Launch Skyrim 2 or Elder Scrolls 6 and That Is All It Takes to Excite Gamers Worldwide!

Bethesda is yet to confirm whether it is working on Skyrim 2 or Elder Scrolls 6 but from the looks of it, we should be really excited about this possibility that either one of these will be released soon enough. It was earlier revealed that Bethesda has been working on two very big and exciting projects.

The fans of Elder Scrolls franchise should be further excited about the fact that Howard added these titles in the vein of Bethesda-Style titles. This further seemed to hint that one or two of them may be the new IPs. At the same time, it was fair to assume that one of them must definitely be the next Elder Scrolls game.

Sadly, we might not know about it for quite a certain time.  E3 was used by Bethesda to showcase Fallout 4 and from the looks of it; they would make their most major announcement at the event to take place this year.

However, the overall chances of that taking place seem rather slim. However, keep in mind that Bethesda likes to shock and they might just go ahead and release something exciting anyways.

Bethesda clearly declared that it was quite unlikely that they would bring out the next installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise this year but at the same time, the fans are not at all ready to give up yet.

In December last year, Bethesda clearly declared that it has its hands full with the development of various DLCs for Fallout 4 and therefore, it wouldn’t have any time to focus on the making of Elder Scrolls 6.

It was released in November last year and this made it pretty clear that they have no time for development last year, which means a 2016 release is possibly not an option. At the same time, in January this year, Bethesda confirmed that they will be participating in the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo which was to be held in Los Angeles, California in the month of June.

This resulted in a new round of expectations from fans and gamers, especially the ones who were rooting for Elder Scrolls 6. Bethesda is yet to declare anything regarding the games they would most likely unveil at that event. However, you will recall that the company made a major splash last year with the release of Fallout 4 along with four other games.

Therefore, considering their performance last year, it would be unwise to decide fans and gamers this year, waiting for some major announcements from Bethesda. The company should definitely look at building up the gains from last year.

It is clear that Elder Scrolls 6 is a major hype-inducing and crowd-maddening title which Bethesda has in its stables at the moment. Therefore, the company is probably planning to launch the game at this event in order to make its presence felt among the crowd.

Besides huge participation in E3 2016, gamers and fans are pretty stoked about the launching pattern of the new Elder Scrolls game, ever since the launch of The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall.

According to Vine Report, the company has been releasing gamers every five years and this year actually marks the fifth year since Skyrim was launched. Therefore, it is possible that Elder Scrolls 6 is well under development and we might be seeing this title sooner than you think.

During a recent statement, Todd Howard, Director of Bethesda, revealed that the company is indeed working on new DLCs for Fallout 4 and at the same time, they did not issue any statements regarding Elder Scrolls 6. Howard further declared that they have 3 more long term projects that they are working on at the moment.