Becky G Shares Her Beauty Regime with The Fans, Becomes The New Face of Yellow Ranger!

The Power Rangers have a tough challenge ahead since they have to learn how to master the Zords and Megazords that are made from ninja steel to try and stop Zircon’s warriors who has been sent to earth to take the Crystal.

The synopsis and the look of the characters reveal the original story, Dean Israelite, the director of Power Rangers film has informed Entertainment Weekly that he wants the film to be true to the current lifestyle of the teenagers today. The film will start with the new Power Rangers who are all high schoolers with special powers and who are not friends with each other when the plot starts.

The creative team did keep the diversity of the team in mind, but have swapped their ethnic identities from the original one. The faces were switched, but they made sure that the charm of the original series remained intact. The suits of the Power Rangers will also get an update given the technological advancements.

Elizabeth Banks has been roped in to play the role of Rita Repulsa and she is super excited to have the opportunity to portray the insane role.

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