Becky G Becomes The Face of Degree, Tutorial To Get Her Look, Set To Play The Role of Yellow Power Rangers, And More

Dean Israelite, the director of the film has informed MTV that the writers have consciously tried to make the film different from the original Power Rangers so that it is updated with the changes in time. The costume of the superheroes have also been changed. The suit has to be similar to the Power Ranger who is wearing it and they will have to bring out their qualities.

Becky G is known for her winged liner and red lips and if anyone wants to look like her can follow the simple tutorial that her make-up artist Tonya Brewer. The tutorial gives a detailed information about how to perfect the winged eyeliner. She said that for the eyeliner fans should apply truNaked Waterproof Eyeliner Duo and for the red lips they can try Outlast Longwear Lipstick.

Becky G has been focusing more and more on her career so that she can keep herself away from the pain of the heartbreak. Becky G had initially been very quiet about her break up with Austin Mahone, but when he became public about Katya Henry, she opened up about the fact that the two of them were on a break when Austin Mahone moved on to Katya Henry.

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