Beauty and The Beast Season 4 Wraps Up Shoot, Expected to Air Next Year in Summer, And More

It is believed that Season 4 of Beauty and the Beast is going to focus more on the intricacies of Vincent and Cat’s new life. There are speculations that Liam (Jason Gedrick), who played the role of Vincent’s enemy might make a comeback. Vincent had taken care of Liam prior to his marriage, but there are chances that Liam isn’t dead and will return in the upcoming season to make matters difficult for Vincent and Cat.

With this being the last season of the series, the creators will try to answer all the queries of the fans. The first thing that the fans would want to know is how did Vincent become a beast and what went wrong in the experiment.

There are rumors that the upcoming season is going to see a secret organization approaching Vincent and Cat. They offer the couple a chance to work for them and in return they will try to find out why Vincent turns into a beast. Seeing that the organization will be an easy way to keep his identity secret, Vincent and Cat agree to join them.

There are no reports about when Beauty and the Beast Season 4 is going to air, but Latin Post has reported that Mark Pedowitz the president of CW had said that the show is going to be back in the summer of next year. They have a schedule for programs year round and Beauty and the Beast fits into their slot for scripted summer programs.

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