Beauty and The Beast Season 4 Wraps Up Shoot, Expected to Air Next Year in Summer, And More

CW has cancelled Beauty and the Beast and Season 4 of the series is going to be the final season for the series. Christian Post has reported that Beauty and the Beast Season 4 has wrapped their shoot. This makes the fans hopeful that the final season is going to be out soon.

The actors of Beauty and the Beast Season 4 are also disappointed with the sudden cancellation news that had hit them and they were sad to wrap the very last season for the series. There were posts by the actors all over social media stating how they felt after having completed their part for Beauty and the Beast Season 4.

Jay Ryan, who plays the role of the beast, Vincent Keller in Beauty and the Beast tweeted after the season was wrapped and said good bye to all his fans. He even thanked Montreal, Canada, where the season was shot.

Jay Ryan was joined by Austin Basis who said that shooting for the last season was a bittersweet experience, He obviously did feel sad that he wouldn’t be coming back to play the role of J.T. Forbes anymore, but he also added that it was the time to move forward and try out other things.

Cartermatt has reported that the cast of Beauty and the Beast are indebted to the show since it had pushed their careers to a different level. Each of them starts with Beauty and the Beast as novice actors and the show has helped them reach a new height with its popularity.

Beauty and the Beast first appeared on television back in 2012. It is based on a CBS series that was released in 1987. The 2012 version of the series shows Jay Ryan, who plays the role of Vincent Keller who was a soldier in the United States army that was deployed in Afghanistan. Vincent was enrolled in the secret program where experiments were done on soldiers to turn them into super soldiers.

However, the experiment goes completely wrong for Vincent and he ends up become a monstrous beast in the process. In order to stop the results of the experiment being revealed, Vincent’s life is jeopardized and there are attempts on his life. He, ultimately survives, even though it was believed that he was dead.

Vincent ends up providing Katherine Chandler, played by Kristin Kreuk help and from there on they keep on crossing paths. Katherine finds out about his secret and helps to keep his secret hidden to prevent his life from being compromised.

The two end up falling in love, but have to hide it from the world since there are enemies out there who are after Vincent and might ending up hurting him by getting to Katherine first. However, the Season 3 of Beauty and the Beast sees the two finally coming clean with their feelings and letting the world know that they are a couple.

The third season of Beauty and the Beast ended with Vincent and Cat having a dream wedding. The TRP of Beauty and the Beast dropped when the chemistry between Vincent and Cat were kept aside to focus more on the mythological and supernatural aspect of the story.