Beauty and The Beast Season 4 Episode 4 Spoilers Surface Online, Vincent’s Life Might Be at Risk, Is Cat Pregnant? Let’s See!

It was seen in previous episodes that Vincent and Cat decided to put the beast life behind them and settle down for a normal life. However, all of their plans were shattered when this new villain set a $5 million bounty on Vincent’s head. Their honeymoon was ruined and now they are trying to find out the person who is trying to capture Vincent.

Apparently, the person who set the bounty on his head is trying to expose his true identity to the world. He wants to show the world that Vincent is actually a beast. The person is not just after Vincent, instead he wants to expose all the beasts in the city.

As it is, Vince is being hunted by a bounty hunter, moreover his identity is at stake. Both he and Cat have to be extremely careful so as to prevent the revelation of his true identity to the world.

No one is aware of the fact that Vincent is a beast. Thus, it will not be easy for the bounty hunter to hunt him down. That being said, the bounty hunter is a professional and he will be able to track down Vincent until and unless he is extremely cautious.

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