Beauty And The Beast Season 4 Confirmed, Vin-Cat Relationship Main Focus In Season 3, And More News

Yes, you did read that right. Vincent will be the one creating trouble and stopping happiness come into his and Catherine’s life. Vincent’s beast side is starting to take control of him and as JT warns, the primal side of his brain is breaking free to start working on its own and things are going to get nasty.

The fans were rather disappointed in the previous season when Vincent and Cat never got a chance to behave like a normal couple and according to the promo, the creators have worked on that and given the fans plenty of romantic moments.

The young couple start living together and behave like any ordinary couple, making breakfast, spending time together until the beastly side of Vincent starts taking a toll on their happiness.

Beauty and the Beast has been created by Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper-Landsman based on a CBS series from 1987. After dealing with their differences and after the events of the last two episodes, Vincent and Cat are finally ready to lead life as a normal couple.

While they have been able to come to terms to with their demons, but will they be able to tackle the outside world? The two are very strong, but their enemies are stronger.

Fans can enjoy the upcoming season knowing that Beauty and the Beast Season 4 is on the cards.