Beauty And The Beast Season 4 Confirmed, Vin-Cat Relationship Main Focus In Season 3, And More News

After waiting for months and months, Beauty and the Beast Season 4, has been renewed. The timing is just right because the third season of Beauty and the Beast will air from May 21st. CW has given a nod of approval to not just Beauty and the Beast Season 4, but a few other series like Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Reign.

While Beauty and the Beast Season 4 news has got fans excited, they are more pumped up about the third season, which returns after months and months of waiting. The excitement has gone up as fans got a sneak-peek into what’s in store in the upcoming season.

With the fall in TRP last season, the creators of the show have realised that the focus needs to be on the romantic relationship between Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan). They had initially got side tracked into dealing with issues relating to the myths and legends surrounding the plot and moved the relationship between the beauty and the beast into the back burner.

In the upcoming season and the 13 episode Beauty and the Beast Season 4 the primary focus will be on the relationship. The promo of the upcoming season revealed that there is going to be a proposal.

Vincent talks to his best friend JT (Austin Basis) and tells him that he intends to ask Catherine to marry him. Yes, this is time to rejoice, but the fans of the popular series are well adept with how the writers work and they know that things aren’t going to be this easy!

When Catherine hears about it she says that it’s too good to be true and it sadly is. The path to a happy married life isn’t going to be this easy and the one who is creating all the problem will be Vincent himself.