Beauty and the Beast Season 3 to Focus on Cat-Vincent Relationship, Next Season Declared, And More News

Beauty and the Beast Season 3 will focus on the relationship between Cat and Vincent. Producer Brad Kern did accept the fact that their attempt to have Cat and Vincent as two separate characters back-fired and thus they are willing to revolve the plot of the new season around them and the chemistry they have. The mythology will be developed, but the romantic plot will be in focus.

Season 3 will mainly focus on having the beauty and the beast stay together without the world at large trying to pull the two apart! This season is assumed to be more focused on the domestic life of the young lovers, Cat and Vincent and how they make their relationship grow.

With someone’s life under threat and the couple getting all the attention, this season is one of the most awaited ones among the fans. Is the love story going to have a sad end to it or can the beauty and the beast live together? All queries will be answered this coming May.