Beauty and the Beast Season 3 to Focus on Cat-Vincent Relationship, Next Season Declared, And More News

Beauty and the Beast Season 3 has just over a month before it releases on May 21, 2015. Even before the new season goes on air, there have been reports that Season 3 will see someone’s life in great danger. According to E! News, one of the main characters have their life under threat in the upcoming 13 episodes.

The report specifically mentions that it is not Tess (Nina Lisandro) who faces the risk, leaving us with possible assumptions that either Catherine (Kristin Kreuk), Vincent (Jay Ryan) or JT (Austin Basis) fights with life in this season of Beauty and the Beast.  The reports suggest that the person will be rushed to the hospital after facing the threat.

The most logical assumption tells us that it will be Vincent who will face the threat as he was earlier shown surrounded by cops while he well equipped with heavy gears to fire at any given moment.  To further add on to the confusion and excitement within the viewers, Stuart Gillard, the director has uploaded still pictures to his Twitter account, which shows roof-top scenes that look dangerous enough to take someone’s life.

These pictures raise the question whether Vincent is safe and if he is then how is Catherine or JT likely to be in danger.  The spoiler has made the fans of Beauty and the Beast Season 3 put on their thinking caps to try and anticipate who and how that character’s life is threatened in the upcoming season.

To add on to the excitement of its viewers CBS Studios has tweeted that a Season 4 of Beauty and the Beast will be filmed from sometime in June. Not very often do we see production houses come out and talk about Season 4 even before the airing of a 13 episode long Season 3. Reports suggest that even with the show having low ratings the fourth season was ordered just for its loyal fan base that has been very supportive all throughout.  It is said that CBS Studios has planned to air Season 4 of Beauty and the Beast sometime in 2016 after airing the 13 episode long Season 3 from May 21 in the USA.