Batman V Superman Sets a Major Record at the UK Box Office, Movie Breezes Past $500 Million Worldwide, And More

According to the official reports, Batman v Superman is at $509.1 million worldwide. Moreover, Tuesday’s global take is $33M, and foreign B.O. is now at $308.6M. It was reported earlier that stateside ticket sales are at $193.27M with $200M in-sight for today. The decline from Monday to Tuesday was a healthy 34% post Easter-Monday in many offshore markets.

Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, Warners’ president of Worldwide Distribution stated, “These incredible numbers are building momentum for not only this movie but for the upcoming slate of DC superhero films.” In order to turn a profit in its theatrical release alone, BvS would need $925-930 million worldwide.

There was a territory breakout sent out by WB International and it shows China is the lead market with $65.9 million and this ahead of Dark Knight Rises’ 53 million in the same location.

It will cross $100 million in the Middle Kingdom and this means that it will bring a decent $25 million in studio coffers when it manages to hit a milestone. Meanwhile, United Kingdom is second with $28.9M, with Mexico at $21.6m, Australia at $13M, Brazil with $14.5m, and Germany $10.2 M, France with $10.8 M, and Italy with $7.8 M.

Stay tuned for more updates on Batman V Superman!