Batman: Realm of Shadows Is Out, It Does Not Disappoint

For it lies with the gamer to decide whether to kill his opponent or let them get away with a light warning. The detection abilities are very interactive, which makes it attractive for the gamer to connect the dots when it comes to characters and putting together all the clues.

These decisions are going to affect the course of the game for many more episodes to come, so they can’t be taken lightly.

Telltale said that this is its first game to have a cooperative multiplayer support by allowing anyone with access to the internet and the correct platform to use the unique code generated in the main menu to join the game and vote on each and every decision. This feature wasn’t available for testing before the launch.

A minor hitch appears to be the occasional frame-rate slip on PS4, though it can be overlooked for the sake of the otherwise good package that Batman: The Telltale Series promises to be.

Are you a fan of the Telltale Series? Have you tried out Batman: Realm of Shadows for yourself? What was your experience? Share your comments in the section below and stay tuned for more updates!