Avril Lavigne Fighting Lyme Disease, Attends Britney Spears’ Show, Did She Get Back with Chad Kroeger? Let’s See

Avril Lavigne has come out strong after her battle with Lyme disease. The singer had been diagnosed with Lyme disease in September last year and she had been completely bed ridden since then.

However, in the beginning of this year, Avril Lavigne had shared a happy news with her fans. She shared photos of herself at the doctor’s chamber and wrote that the doctor has informed her that she is fighting the disease and overcoming it.

Avril Lavigne had shared her struggle with Lyme disease in an emotional interview with People Magazine. The singer wasn’t getting diagnosed with the disease when she initially started showing symptoms.

She would feel depressed and would want to lie down the whole day and the doctors would tell that she was suffering from depression and asked her to get a grip on herself and get up.

It was later when she was finally diagnosed with it and it has been a harrowing journey since the first day. Avril Lavigne realized the kind of struggle the patients of Lyme disease have to go through. She has started a campaign on Lyme disease with her Avril Lavigne Foundation to spread awareness about the disease that affects thousands and isn’t detected timely.

After a long struggle with the disease, she has finally come through. Avril Lavigne was recently spotted at Britney Spear’s residency show at Planet Hollywood hotel. The singer said that the trip to Las Vegas was a special one since she had been to Las Vegas last year as well, but had locked herself up in a hotel room.

This time round, she was there to celebrate the birthday of one of her friends and the girls had all attended the Piece of Me show by Britney Spears. Avril was looking stunning in a mini dress in black and white and she had worn her golden hair in straight and loose. She even shared a photo with Britney Spears and thanked her for the amazing performance.

From the photos that Avril Lavigne had shared it was very clear that she and her friends were having a gala time and that she had long forgotten her trip to Las Vegas on her 30th birthday that had ultimately led to the diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Avril Lavigne had broken up with her husband, Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger last year. The two had come out to make the joint statement stating that they were not being able to work the marriage out and in such a situation would like to break up amicably rather than spoil their friendship.

The fans had been heart-broken since they felt that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger would no longer collaborate on songs, but that didn’t happen. Right after break-up, Avril Lavigne shared a photo of the two jamming together and reminded the fans of how the two had started out in the first place.

Over the course of the last few months in 2015, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger weren’t spotted together and fans had to accept the fact that that Chad Kroeger chapter of her life was finally over.

She had asked her good friend Ryan Cabrera to move in to her mansion after his break up and was regularly spotted with him.

This led to speculation that Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera are dating and the two have taken their long friendship to a different level. Neither of the two released any statement on the matter.