Avatar 2: Release Date Pushed Back, Cameron Reworking On Script, And More

In a recent interview, Avatar 2 director said that he isn’t in a hurry to wrap things up. He believes in the quality of the final product. He doesn’t want to capitalise on the success of the first film to release Avatar 2 because that would mean compromising on the quality and he isn’t ready to do so.

He said that he has had years to conceptualise the story for Avatar and though the strict rule of sticking with only 3 sequels means he will have to go to the drawing board again, he is confident that he and his team will be able to produce final product that will live up to the expectations of the fans.

The scriptwriting for Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 has been going on simultaneously. The story is a saga and it won’t be a justice to release a standalone film. Once the script is reworked on, the shooting will start and the films will come out in quick intervals.

In a video interview with Hey U Guys, the music director of Avatar, James Horner has said that Cameron has so much of material to work on that it is becoming difficult for him to keep it within the three film limit. He is struggling to keep it from extending into five films.

Avatar 2 is going to see a different habitat in Pandora, an ocean ecosystem.