Avatar 2: Cameron Talks About the Upcoming Films, To Focus On the Emotional Side of The Story, Expected To Release In 2017!

Christian Post has stated that the main reason for the delay in the production process is that the technology isn’t adequate for the filming process. The main reason Avatar got delayed was because Cameron had to wait for a very long time for a technological assistance. The technology of that time wasn’t sufficient for the special effects that he was aiming for.

It looks like the same is going to happen for Avatar 2. James Cameron is planning on focusing in the water ecosystem of Pandora and because of that he needs special cameras that will be used to shoot underwater.

The camera has to employ a technology that will allow the director to not only shoot underwater, but also capture the emotions and facial expressions of the characters perfectly. Cameron is still waiting for the technological department to create something similar for him and fans are not too sure if he can meet the 2017 deadline for Avatar 2.

Cameron, however, is hopeful and said that everything for Avatar 2 is going to be complete by the end of the year so that they can be ready for the shooting to start in the first half of next year. Cameron has never come out with mediocre work and hence fans are hopeful that he will deliver this time as well, without any failure.

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