Automation for Your Car or Truck

Imagine opening the trunk of your car or truck, full of dust, after traveling on a dusty road. It is a disgusting experience indeed. However, with the current technology of car automation, you need not experience this scenario anymore. Electric industrial actuators (see more – have hit a notch higher in helping you get out of the hectic exercise of opening the trunk with your hands. Your car can be fixed with a trunk actuator so that you will only press a button to open or close the trunk.

Why Should I Automate My Car Or Truck?

Automation of the trunk of your car will simplify loading and offloading small luggage. For a truck driver, this will be a great relief from the hassle of opening the trunk that has been pushed outwards by the massive load inside. You would simply press a button and someone offloads the load while you are seated enjoying cool music.
Actuators may also be installed in the back seats of your car to help you pull out the seats when you need some more space for loading luggage.

How Do Trunk Actuators Work?

The trunk actuator is made of three parts that work together to automate trunk opening and closing. These parts are the actuator, a remote and the control system. When the button is pressed, the control system supplies power to the actuator. The actuator then moves the trunk up to open and down to close. The remote is used to switch the system on and off.
Trunk actuators are very simple to install. You do not have to call a technician to do the installation. Spec’ing might be the only difficult part of it, but this article will help you work out that.


Before installing the actuator in a car or truck, one needs to think about the desired speed for the actuator and the amount of force ones need. Also, users have to consider the size of the stroke. The force translates to the weight that needs to be applied on the trunk to open. This can be obtained from the car manufacturer.

In case you cannot reach to the manufacturer, you may have to estimate. Users have to be careful not to underestimate, better to overestimate. The actuator may not move the trunk when you underestimate. Underestimating may also fail to fully move the trunk.

The range to which your trunk can open is determined by the stroke size. To successfully install an actuator that will fully open the trunk, you need to measure the space that exists between the trunks when it is closed. You may need to pull out the seats so as to take the measurements from inside. You also need to get the between the trunk roof and floor when the trunk is fully opened. Once you have the measurements, you can determine the stroke size by calculation. Remember to subtract the effect of retraction since the trunk is not in a linear motion when opening or closing.

Speed is important as it will determine how long your trunk takes to open or close. Speed is sometimes pre-determined by the force of the actuator. You can inquire from the manufacturer before purchasing.

You now know the specifications of the actuator you want to acquire for your truck or car. One can choose from a wide selection of available actuators. The next page of this article will help you in selecting the best type of actuator for your car automation.