Amanda Oleander: Internet’s Biggest Celebrity

Amanda Oleander, a previously unknown illustrator who publishes everything she might do and interacts with strangers for quite a long time, has somehow gotten to be one of the internet’s most popular and biggest celebrities.

Amanda Oleander, 25, is one of the stars of Periscope, Twitter’s new live broadcasting platform, and has been “liked” more than 7.5 million times in under a month since it launched.

Who is Amanda Oleander?

Amanda Oleander is a freelance professional artist and Periscope celebrity, born on December 2, 1989. She graduated from North Carolina University at Charlotte with a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts.

Amanda Oleander, who has made artworks for E! lives in Los Angeles. She signed up with Periscope on its second day of launch and has since consistently been one of the app’s most popular broadcasters. Oleander was named “the queen of Periscope” by the TV show Right This Minute, and her popularity has been contrasted with that of Kim Kardashian.

Branded the Kim Kardashian of the social platform, when the brunette begins a live stream, millions of Periscope users around the world stop what they’re doing to watch.

In a late broadcast, Amanda Oleander addressed her audience by means of her iPhone from her bedroom: ‘Do you know the force that we have? Do you folks understand what is happening?

This is insane!‘ Amanda kept amid her bedroom broadcast, and before she has even slowly inhaled, hundreds of hearts shudder on to her screen – more tokens of “affection” from the thousands of people watching.

Amanda Oleander

Last month, the workmanship graduate was approaching her anonymous life as an illustrator for diversion site E! Online however her Periscope broadcasts, which show her approaching her every day business in LA, have launched her into the spotlight.

Thus far she has had little rivalry from “genuine” celebrities. Ellen DeGeneres is the highest ranking star, yet is trailing behind Amanda with an insignificant three million ‘loves’.

This resembles a reality show, however it’s not scripted,’ Oleander tells her thousands of fans proceeding with her bedroom broadcast.

‘Before this happened I always thought I’d affection to share my life with more individuals because I’m always up to truly spontaneous things.’

The new app not just allows users to stream live video to anybody on Earth who wants to watch, however allows viewers to chat to the broadcaster progressively by typing messages that pop up on the screen.