Asus ZenWatch 2: Spec Sheet and Prices Revealed, Hands-On Review, And More News!

However, the ZenWatch 2 is like strapping your smartwatch onto your wrist. Even when your phone is inside the backpack, you can effortlessly view all notifications and accept or reject calls right from the watch. Texting is enabled, although, you might have to practice a bit before being able to work with it.

Asus has also enabled the use of emojis, which is quite useful to be honest. However, most of the ZenWatch’s faults are not its own, and are shared by the entire class of products. Hence, it is unfair to point a finger at Asus for the issues in general.

Hence, if you’re on the market, on the lookout for an inspiring budget smartwatch, the Asus Zenfone 2 is the right call. Especially since the device is bang for the buck. There are no fancy features, as such, although, you will not miss using a higher priced device when using the ZenWatch 2.

However, if you aren’t into smartwatches as such, the ZenWatch 2 could be a turn-off, considering that the device has nothing fancy to offer and can neither up your style quotient. However, if style is what you want, you could choose the Moto 360, which is the perfect combination of fashion and function.

If you’re on budget conscious mode, the Asus ZenWatch 2 should do just fine! The final call rests with you. Have fun!

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