Ashton Kutcher Talks Investment, Goes out with Wife Mila Kunis, Cuts a Handsome Figure, Buys New Gadget

The latest addition to the family following their twenty-one month old daughter named Wyatt was announced in June, and it was something which Mila always wanted. As she said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, she is already planning a third baby. Her pregnancies are periods which she enjoys a lot and is as of yet open to extending her family.

Her biggest concern though regarding that seems to be raising children who would grow up to be insensitive, privileged do-gooders.

While the couple has a net worth of $170 million, according to her, she and her husband, both of whom come from very poor backgrounds, would be teaching her kids that just because their parents are figuratively rich does not mean that they would be having things easy for them.

To Australian radio DJs Jackie O and Kyle, she said that while it would be an extremely lucky and happy thing that her children would never have to fight for food like their parents did at one point in their lives, sadly, she would never be able to make them realize how lucky they are to have that security.

The concerned parents had stepped out last week in Los Angeles, where Mila Kunis showed off her expanding baby bump in a striped maxi-dress which highlighted her curves.

Meanwhile, in an outing around Studio City in California where his wife was there with him but refused to reveal herself to the media, Ashton Kutcher displayed his toned up body as he struck poses and clicked selfies dressed in blue casuals and a red baseball cap.

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