Ashton Kutcher: Slams Reports of Divorce, Spotted in New Orleans with Daughter And Wife, More Rumors

Ashton Kutcher has been a brand name for Lenovo. He had been made the Product Engineer for the company over two years ago when he was promoting the YOGA tablets. Now with Motorola and Lenovo coming in together, Ashton Kutcher will be promoting Moto smartphones as well.

He will be demonstrating in various campaigns the three top features of the new smartphones from Moto. The first would be its toughness, where the phone will be functional even after being dropped from 900 feet.

Secondly, the brilliant voice control feature that was introduced in the phones even before Siri and Google Now and still function as well in spite of being in a noisy environment. The third feature that Ashton Kutcher will be working on will be the fast charging option that Moto is now introducing in their phones. The phone will be tested with Samsung Galaxy S6, which has the same fast charge option and there is no doubt as to who won.

The campaign with Ashton Kutcher will start during the Grammy’s and Super Bowl. Ashton Kutcher is the perfect choice since he is an enthusiast who is into startups and interesting projects. Ashton Kutcher not only becomes the face of the brand, he becomes a product developer since he is aware of the know-hows.

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