Ashton Kutcher in The List of Most Influential People, Donates to Different School Projects, Spends Time With Wife Mila Kunis And Daughter!

Mila Kunis was supposedly very scared that the paparazzi would discover them and they would appear in their helicopters the moment the two of them would exchange vows, but luckily that didn’t happen since the couple had put in so much of effort to keep things under the cover.

Hollywood Life reported that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were spotted out on a hike in Griffith Park recently. The couple had a normal family outing in the park where they enjoyed the good weather. Wyatt seemed inquisitive and the doting parents answered all her queries. Ashton Kutcher is known to be very fond of her daughter and the two turned up in matching striped outfits.

There were a lot of rumors circulating about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis separating because of him heading to some Thai massage parlor, but that report has been denied by both of them.

Now the recent rumor that is circulating is that Mila Kunis is starting to help her ex Macaulay Culkin revive his career and they have rekindled their friendship and are meeting up frequently. This isn’t being approved by Kutcher. There is, however, no truth in these reports.

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