Ashley Graham Taking Steps to Change the Perception of Plus-Size Models, And More Details

With the focus on healthy, modeling agencies are seeing a surge in the demand for models with a fuller figure. While curvier models are still not getting work, things look to be improving.

Model Agency BMA has come out to say that they are already getting a huge demand for plus-size models. BMA’s director, Haddad has added that the demand is for models in the size 12-14 category so that regular women can relate to them.

With bills banning the use of size-zero models, companies will be forced to go for fuller models to avoid legal suits.

Ashley Graham has become a spokesperson for body positivity. In a recent interview with Glamour, she said that the first thing that women need to do is come to terms with aspects of their body that they cannot change. This acceptance, Graham said, comes from within.

Instead of dwelling on those things that you cannot change, it’s a better and positive approach to accept the “flaws” and turn them into “positives”. She advises women to look at themselves in the mirror and carry out “daily affirmation.” Take each aspect of your body that you hate and tell yourself that you love it.

As a body activist, Ashley Graham is here to remind women all over the world that they have a beautiful body, and it’s something to be proud of. All they need to worry about is maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle.