Arrow Season 5 Spoilers, Will See the Introduction of a New Antagonist and A New Vigilante, Show Not Coming to an End Anytime Soon!

Arrow is an American television series that has been developed by Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. The show is based on the character of Green Arrow created by George Papp and Mort Weisinger. Arrow made its debut on The CW on October 10, 2012. The fourth season of the show came to an end some time back and it has been renewed for a fifth season.

Rumors regarding the next week have already started building up on the internet. Apparently, a new villain will be introducedto the show in its upcoming season. The showrunners are yet to come forward with specific details regarding this new villain.

However, rumors have it that the character might be called Anton Church. The showrunners have reportedly drawn inspiration from the character Stringer Bell from the movie The Wire for the character. Stringer Bell was plagued by Idris Elba.

Season 4 saw the fall of Damien Darhk from his powers. Damien Darhk was played by Neal McDonough and he was the main antagonist of the previous season. With the demise of the character in season 4, the showrunners naturally had to look for another character that could be Green Arrow’s nemesis in the upcoming season.

That characteris going to be Anton Church and he is being dubbed as an ‘apex predator’. He sticks to the shadows and gets his job done in a more than vicious manner. He will be pitted against the Green Arrow in season 5 of the show during which season, Church will look upon Arrow as a roadblock to his goals.

He will not be in possession of any kinds of magical or super powers. Yet he will be equally, if not more dangerous than Damien Darhk. He will be a skilled fighter, highly trained to take down his opponents with ease.

Stephen Amell who plays the titular role, himself confirmed that the villain in the upcoming season will not be having any superpowers. It has yet not been decided as to who would play the role.

It has also been reported that a brand new vigilante will be making appearance on the show in its fifth season. This character will reportedly be portrayed by Rick Gonzalez. The character in question is the Wild Dog.

Apparently, this vigilante will be quite reckless in nature. He will be brutal and will not follow the same moral guidelines that are followed by Arrow and his team. This will force Stephen Amell’s Arrow to take him in his team to try and keep a check on him and his ways.

The character made its first appearance back in 1987 in his own series that was created by Terry Beatty and Max Allan. The alter ego of Wild Dog in the series was an auto mechanic by the name of Jack Wheeler who decided to pick up arms in order to fight crime in his city.

Wild Dog is seen wearing a hockey mask, which is his trademark. He carries a Jatimatic GG-95 SMG PDWand wears a pair of electrical shock gloves on his hands. A comparison can be drawn between Wild Dog and The Punisher from the Marvel universe who also likes to resort to violence to eradicate crimes in his city.

In the case of The Punisher, Daredevil tries to keep him in check, and in Wild Dog’s case that task will be performed by the Green Arrow. It was seen in the previous season that a number of members of the team Arrow left the group and thus a void was created.

The Wild Dog could be the perfect candidate for the newly created void in the team. Some other heroes too might be seen joining team Arrow in season 5. The return of old members like John Diggle is also on the cards.