Arrow: Felicity Finds Out About William, Vixen Joins Team Arrow to Destroy Damien Darhk, And More!

If you thought that the episode was a great one, the finale sealed the deal. Felicity opens her engagement ring and tells Oliver that he should have told her about William and all Oliver can offer is that he is trying.

Felicity feels her anger rising and there’s a moment when Felicity looks at her feet, which she can move. This means that the implanted device is working and she looks up at Oliver and stands up in utter disbelief and walks out of the room and most probably from Oliver’s life.

Oliver Queen might have been in a happy spot in the beginning of Arrow Season 4, but everything went downhill for him ever since. He ends up losing his fiancée, ends up leaving the mayoral battle and also ends up losing the one nemesis he could never seem to get a grip on.

The episode also highlighted that Team Arrow didn’t have to fight harder, but rather, they had to fight smarter and that is where the role of Vixen is important. She is the one who realizes that source of Damien Darhk’s power in the totem whereas Team Arrow has been trying for so long to incapacitate him. It was Vixen who did all the hard work for Team Arrow who were clearly left wanting.

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