Arrow: Felicity Finds Out About William, Vixen Joins Team Arrow to Destroy Damien Darhk, And More!

Arrow will show Felicity (Emily Bett Rickard) coming to realize that Oliver (Stephen Amell) had hidden the truth about his son, William from her. Felicity had just realized that the device that Curtis had been developing to assist her in walking will not be a success.

She is dispirited and disappointed and right when Oliver tries to comfort her, in comes Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) with the information that he has kidnapped William.

The obvious question that Felicity asks is who is William and that is when she comes face to face with the truth that her fiancé had hidden from her. Felicity, however, doesn’t make a scene of it. She simply purses her lips and looks at Oliver.

Felicity is a hero in this season of Arrow since she forgets her troubles and crisis and comes together with team Arrow to help Oliver find his son. Vulture reports that Emily Bett Rickard is brilliant in her portrayal of the role of Felicity. Some other actor might have overplayed the dramatic undertones, but Rickard is subtle and there are no grand speeches to make her speak her emotions.

Felicity realizes at the Team Arrow meeting that the truth about William was known to all, Thea (Willa Holland), Barry (Grant Gustin) and Malcolm (John Barrowman). The only one kept in the dark was Felicity. Felicity hits the bull’s eye by asking Oliver to list down the people who do not know about the love-child instead of having her find out.

Oliver has a lot to handle. He realizes that William’s mother Samantha (Anna Hopkins) has come to find out what’s happened to her son. It was Barry who had been working with the crime scene where the kidnapping had taken place and he had decided to send Samantha to Oliver, so that she can get all the information from him.

Oliver has no option, but to reveal his identity as the Green Arrow to Samantha. She takes in the information when Oliver takes her to meet Team Arrow. Things get a little awkward down at the lair of the team since Samantha apologizes to Laurel for having slept with Oliver, when the two of them were together. However, the moment soon passes when they realize that they have a kidnapped kid to find.

The team formulates a plan, but it isn’t something that will work against Damien Darhk and his magic. This is when, Team Arrow decides to ask Mari McCabe (Megalyn Echikunwoke) for help. Mari is a fashion designer who stays in Detroit and who has been fighting crimes with the help of a necklace that can draw in the strength of different animals. She uses the name of Vixen when she is on vigilante service.

Vixen and Team Arrow find a hideout, but upon reaching the place they realize that Darhk is waiting for them and there is no sign of William anywhere.

Darhk and Oliver have a major showdown and Damien Darhk convinces Oliver to back down from the mayoral race. Oliver complies for the safety of his child, but Damien isn’t there to fulfil his side of the promise.

With the help of Vixen, Team Arrow realize that Damien had been using a totem for his power and Vixen finds its source out with the help of Felicity and destroys it, thereby rendering Damien Darhk powerless. This raises a question of his role as the villain in the remaining episodes of Arrow.