Ariana Grande Has Confirmed Rumors Of A New Lover

Ariana Grande Is Very Successful Today

Successfully debuting on Broadway, Ariana came under the scope of directors and casting producers. In 2010 she received a role in the television series “Victorious“, directed by Dan Schneider. For the role of Kate Valentine, Ariana had to dramatically change her appearance. The petite pretty brown-haired actress turned into a fiery beauty with purple hair color. Ariana feared that these changes in her appearance may turn away fans, however to the contrary, her fans loved her new image.

That same year Ariana began to perform on par with Colleen Ballinger, known online as Miranda Singz, in a nightclub in New York Birdland. She was also involved in the television game show Brain Surge.

In addition, she continues to act in TV serials. In the sitcom “Winx Club: School of Fairies” Ariana played the role of Princess Diaspro. In 2012 Ariana returned to the theater stage. In another role of Miriam, Grande became musical Desmond Child “Cuba Libre”. In the same year, Ariana Grande successfully transformed into Snow White in the production of “Snow White Christmas.”

Ariana Grande Now!

2013 became a shock for the young singer – she released two new studio albums: “Yours Truly” and “Christmas Kisses”. Critics pointed out that the voice of Grande is becoming deeper and more “adult”. By the way, Ariana is able to imitate the voices of other famous artists, such as Shakira and Britney Spears.

Now Ariana Grande is working on a new studio album, and she participates in charity events and projects. She is an activist in the “Broadway in South Africa” project. In that framework the artist annually visits South Africa, where she provides free training on singing and choreography for local children.

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