Ariana Grande: Announces Upcoming Single, Might Not Make it to Scream Season 2!

Murphy has said that Scream Queens like The American Horror Story will have a different setting and plot line in each season. Unlike The American Horror Story where the viewers never knew which characters are going to be there in the next season, in Scream Queens the viewers will know the characters that are going to be back.

Ariana Grande has loved the role of Chanel No. 2 and has said that it was a great experience. The girls have made her feel right at home and have always been so welcoming of her. Ariana Grande was joined by Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd and Emma Roberts as The Channels. Scream Queens is going to be back in September.

Ariana Grande’s hairstylist Daniel Chinchilla has revealed that the singer is a great friend. The two ended up becoming best friends after they started working together. Daniel even denied rumors about Ariana Grande being a diva. He said that Ariana is fun to be around and loves to make jokes and is super funny.

Ariana Grande who is known for her ponytail sure knows how to create a trusted group in her inner circle. Daniel happened to be the neighbor of one of Ariana’s oldest friends and that is how the two met up.

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