Ariana Grande: Announces Upcoming Single, Might Not Make it to Scream Season 2!

Ariana Grande has been desperately trying to make her fans forget the donut licking incident and the comments that she made about hating America and the America right in the 4th of July weekend.

While the donut chain never filed a case against her, the actor also took to stage after her performance to tell her fans how much she loves America and how proud she is of being an American.

Ariana Grande has recently announced her upcoming single. The announcement was made by her record label at the iHeartMedia’s annual music summit in the United States. The music event is something in the lines of a pilot for television series where the network tries to ascertain how well a particular series will do depending on the feedback received on the pilot.

The annual music summit by iHeartMedia looks at all the upcoming releases in the world of music that will come out before Christmas this year.

Republic Records, the label under which Ariana Grande launches her music announced that they will be bringing out the hitmaker’s new record soon.

The President of Republic Records, Monte Lipman joined Ariana Grande in a small skit where Ariana Grande was filmed running through the office of the record label getting all the staff involved in her new album.

The background music for this skit video was Ariana Grande’s new upcoming single Focus on Me. According to All Access, Focus on Me is going to be the first cut from the singer’s new album Moonlight and will be expected to be out by the end of this year.

Ariana Grande is very active in the social media and she has been constantly sharing snippets of the songs from her upcoming album on Snapchat. Moonlight will be following My Everything, which was her last album and did exceptionally well.

My Everything featured hits like Break Free, One Last Times, Love Me Harder and Problem. It also featured Bang Bang that featured Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. My Everything released in 2014 and made it to the to the top of US Billboards 200 and third in the UK billboard.

Ariana Grande is a talented girl. Apart from belting out hits, the singer is also known for her role in the television series Scream Queens. Ariana Grande featured in the hit series with Emma Roberts and Lea Michelle. However, there are reports that Ariana Grande’s character might not see the light of Scream Queens Season 2.

Nylon recently shared a leaked video from Season 2 of Scream Queens that shows the tragic end of Ariana Grande’s character. The video has since then been removed from YouTube. The video showed Chanel No. 2 tweeting and asking people for help, but before help can reach her she is stabbed by someone wearing red body suit from the back.

She falls on the ground and struggles to fight back. The video ends before the viewers can completely see the tragic end of Ariana Grande’s character.

The fact that only four of the main characters will make it to Season 2 of Scream Queens, has been confirmed by creator Ryan Murphy and by the looks of it Ariana Grande is not going to be one of them.

Ryan Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter that Scream Queens is similar to The America Horror Show in the sense that each season will see a new setting with some of the characters going forward because they survive the blood-bath in the previous season.