Apple Releases iOS 9.2 with Major Upgrades, Update Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Today, And More

The newest version of the Apple iOS, iOS 9.2 released last Tuesday for the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch. According to reports, the latest iOS doesn’t sport any major upgrades over the iOS 9.1, although, Apple has fixed many of the bugs plaguing the older versions of the OS.

iOS 9.0 happened to be problematic and the bugs were carried on to iOS 9.1. Users had complained of safety issues and disparity in overall functionality and it looks like Apple have done their part to fix the glitches.

One of the major peculiar changes that Apple have introduced in iOS 9.2 is that Siri is now available in Arabic. Some of the other conventional changes include iPhone Support and USB Camera Adapter. The latter being especially helpful since now you can connect your iPhone to a DSLR or other camera device without having to sync with a computer.

Users can now open third-party apps and extensions on their device. iOS 9.1 was plagued by a bug that prevented alarms from going off. This issue was fixed in iOS 9.2. Even though the problem might not sound like much to most of us, it infuriated Joey Santiago of alternate rock band The Pixies, who addressed his grievances on Twitter.

Apple has also made a marked improvement to their music app, Apple Music, which can now download albums and playlists from iCloud’s music library by the simple click of a button! Classical music lovers also have the chance to see the names of the composers and the performers while browsing through the music database.

The iOS 9.2 can be downloaded over Wi-Fi and it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to setup smooth operation. The update is not massive and hence will not clog your device’s built-in space, if you’re using a 16 GB variant and wondering whether or not to upgrade!

If you are updating directly from iOS 9.1, the upgrade will take up a maximum space of 200 MB. Not much once you consider the level of improvement made to some of the features. These upgrades have made the iOS 9.2 a worthy OS and if you are still wondering whether or not to go for the update, this is your cue to start downloading!

People have been sending in mixed reviews after upgrading, although, the majority believe that their iPhones started operating quicker since they downloaded and installed the update.

We leave you to make the decision regarding whether or not the device is actually gotten quicker, but the major improvements should be reason enough for you to consider upgrading your iDevice!

The upgrade is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 6S Plus. It works with the fifth and sixth generation iPod Touch, iPad Pro and all later models of the iPad 2.

If you’re on an AT&T connection, the recently-included NumerSync functionality is set to work in a smoother manner on the iOS 9.2. Apple iBooks now support 3D Touch and you can peak into pages across a wide menu. Users can also navigate and browse the other pages while listening to the player page.

Users can finally run third-party apps on third-party extensions on Safari View Controller, which is a version of the OS when third-party apps are accessed via an iPhone. This is a major benefit for the Firefox or Chrome users, who have had limited access to their profiles as compared to the mobile browser users.

However, the most awaited update that came along with iOS 9.2 has to be the appearance of the Top Stories in the official app of Apple News. Apple has finally integrated Comscore, which was how the publishers tracked the traffic numbers for the advertisements on Apple News.