Apple iPhone 7: Should Apple Consider Making the Device Waterproof? Unknown Facts Regarding the iPhone 6S Revealed!

Apple deserves some credit too, since the iPhone 6S turned out to be waterproof, surprisingly! A report claimed that dropping the 6S in a liquid, did not result in as much damage as initially expected. Hence, it is clear that Apple has taken an initiative to make the iPhone waterproof.

Presence of additional gaskets play a major role in keeping the water out while every major logic board is sealed with silicon. Apple had even filed for a patent last year. However, some work is yet to be done in terms of the power button, volume control button and the charging and headphone jack, as water can enter the device from these spots.

Even though the iPhone 6S waterproof, at least to a certain extent, being the good guys that they are, Apple failed to boast about it on the brochure! Hence, even though you now know that the iPhone 6S is semi-waterproof, you cannot charge Apple with making false claims, if the device is damaged underwater!

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