Apple iPhone 7: Lightning Port Introduced, Slimmer and Spectacular Than Ever, Hailed as The Dream Phone from The Tech Giant!

The images across various social networks reveal that the chip is smaller than its 64GB counterpart and packs an upgraded 3,100mAh battery.They are trying to increase the size of the memory, which most of the users are interested in, and at the same time they want to decrease the physical size of the chip.

The chip on the iPhone is a great example of Moore’s law, which states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years, allowing chips such as the 256GB SanDisk, to be smaller.

Even though these chips are more powerful than the traditional chips, by using them, there will be a significant increase in speed. Apple hopes to make the iPhone 7 practically unbeatable, and is enhancing the hardware and software accordingly. Owning an iPhone is going to be that much fun!

By viewing all these features together in one device even a layman can say that the iPhone 7 is the most powerful iPhone to be released in the market till date. The device is most certainly going to become the dream phone for all the iPhone fanatics.

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