Apple iPad Mini 4 Has a Superior Display Compared to Other Apple Displays, The Same Could Be Featured in the Upcoming iPhone 7!

The has received a lot of praise and admiration due to its display, which is presently being considered to be more superior over displays on all other Apple products. The Motley Fool reported that the Mini 4 display easily triumphs over some of the latest Apple flagship displays.

All of these displays failed to compete with the color accuracy present in the iPad Mini 4. DisplayMate tests were conducted on the iPad Mini 4 and furthermore, the results were compared with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. According to DisplayMate, this device has finally managed to become the worthy mini-version of full-sized tablets from Apple.

The previous versions of the Mini tablets did not sport such an adequate color gamut rating, reflectance along with color saturation. The old models gave a 5-6 percent reflectance but the superior iPad Mini 4 display clocks in at 2 percent. As a result, the images displayed on the device provide better contrast.

The Apple iPad Mini 4 features a 7.9inch display with a display resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. It comes with 326ppi pixel density and an LED Backlit display. There is a fingerprint sensor for security, available on the device along with access to Apple Pay for various transactions. The device is further powered by Apple’s in-house processor, the A8 chip.

Compared to the iPad Mini 3, this fourth generation Mini device is 0.05 inches thinner and 0.13 inches taller. According to International Business Times, 92,500 units of iPad Mini 4 were sold during the first four weeks after its introduction, in the world’s biggest market of China.

However, this figure is incredibly low compared to the 557,500 units of Apple iPad Air 2 which was shipped around the same time after its launch. This device performed better than the iPad Pro, with only 49,000 units sold.

The iPad Mini 4 comes in three different variations:- The 16GB model is available at a price of $399, the 64GB model costs $499 and the 128GB model is available for $599. The Mini 4 was released in September 2015.

Meanwhile, according to the latest reports, Apple is yet to reveal the official tech specs and features of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. It is a highly anticipated product but for now, the fans will have to look at other devices like the iPad Mini 4 and try to get some clues regarding the upcoming iPhone version.

The Motley Fool revealed that all the iPad Mini 4 reviews are highly positive due to its display. Reports indicate that Apple might use this device on the upcoming iPhone. According to the industry follower, the anti-reflective coating on the iPad Mini 4 might be used on the upcoming iPhone 7.

This particular feature was introduced in the iPad Air 2 and this was further advanced in the new tablet versions. If the upcoming flagship iPhone makes use of the same anti-reflective coating, the device will enjoy a high screen contrast ratio and brighter colors on its display. The report also talked about the fact that iPad variants are much less popular when compared to iPhone releases.

However, fans can expect that the new technology featured on the present generation iPads will make their way to the future iPhones. Furthermore, Apple always incorporates new technology on their upcoming iPhone models and the seventh generation will definitely come with major improvements.