Apple iPad Air 3 vs. Apple iPad Mini 4, October Release Date Rumors for the Latter, And More Details

According to Latinos Post, the device was speculated to be revealed during the Spring Forward Event. Sadly, instead of the Mini 4, Apple released two other devices: The Retina MacBook Pro and the Apple Watch. Meanwhile, a string of photos of an alleged Apple iPad Mini 4 was posted on Nowhere Else by trusted tipster, OnLeaks. Besides photos, there were also videos revealing the casing of this unit.

Disregarding all the hype, The Latino Post revealed that the iPad Mini 4 will simply be a refreshed version of the iPad Mini 3. Earlier, there were complaints regarding how iPad Air 2 turned out to be a much better device than the Mini 3 and was slimmer as well. The iPad Air 2 was more securing, thanks to the latest Touch ID fingerprint sensor included in it. While the iPad Mini 4 had the same sensor, all its other features were typically same as its predecessor.

Do you think the Mini 4 will be a major leap over its predecessor? Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!