Apple iPad Air 3 to Feature Apple Pencil Support, Rumored to Be Dust and Waterproof, And More

They include stunning features along with a non-protruding camera lens.  The device will borrow the 3D Touch display from iPhone 6S. The Smart Connector will enable the device to support a Smart Keyboard accessory.

Rumors about the Apple iPad Air 3 are running rampant. Sadly, it is expected that the Air lineup might be discontinued due to the Pro series. Most people currently using the iPad Pro will prefer that but older iPad Air users will be disappointed.

With dust and waterproofing, Apple wishes to attract those consumers who prefer a rugged device no matter how sophisticated or feature-rich it is.

According to analysts, the possibly upcoming iPad Air 3 will appeal to consumers who are already familiar with the lineup and don’t wish to try out a new device.

While some are expecting the device to be revealed during WWDC or the September event, most people don’t wish to believe it. The rumors are conflicting and presently, it is best to keep your fingers crossed for an announcement.

What are your thoughts on the Apple iPad Air 3? Stay tuned for more updates on this device!