Apple iPad Air 3 to Feature Apple Pencil Support, Rumored to Be Dust and Waterproof, And More

Most people want to chuck away their old iPads in order to make way for the new and updated ones. Right now, people are waiting for the upcoming iPad Air 3. It will come with tons of new features and is certainly worth waiting for.

This particular iPad will be revealed during Apple’s WWDC event. Reports indicate that this 2016 conference will be held in June this year from 13 to 17th of the month. Christian Today reports that the iPad Air 3 will come with support for Apple Pencil. You can also expect this device to feature Apple’s new 3D touch.

It was first introduced in the Apple iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus. You can also expect the new iPad Air 3 to be dustproof and waterproof. Reports suggest that this device will be made up of 7000 series aluminum, also seen on the iPhone 6S.

Thankfully, it seems like the days of Bendgate are finally over. The upcoming iPad Air 3 will be powered by a mighty A9X processor.

The display size will be same as that of the earlier model and it will have a resolution of 3112×2334 with a pixel density of 401-ppi. Ecumenical News reports that the iPad Air 3 will be launched in October of this year.

It was further reported by Game and Guide that this device will feature four speakers along with a rear flash with the 8-megapixel camera. The iPad Air 2 came with $399 price tag. iPad Air 3 should have a similar price tag when released.

Fans of iPad Pro are clearly waiting for the release of iPad Air 3 in during WWDC. The annual event should definitely announce the new device. According to popular speculations, Apple skipped certain features on the last edition of iPad Pro along with its 9.7inch version.

Therefore, the next edition of iPad Air should include all the features that were skipped earlier. The support for Apple Pencil will come as a new feature. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro series of devices has already incorporated the Smart Connector and the next iPad Air should include this as well.

Dust and waterproofing will come as standard features on the upcoming iPads. Only a few months remain for Apple to unveil the next iPad. As a result, some expect that the device will be released next year.

Meanwhile, quite a few rumors are making rounds on the internet and fans are really eager to witness a new variant by the end of this year. According to Game and Guide, an October launch is possible, considering the fact that iPad Air 2 was released back in October 2014.

Other rumors suggest that both iPad Air 3 and iPhone 7 will be released together in September this year. Further rumors indicate that Apple will completely ditch the line in favor of the latest iPad Pro range. Apple iPad Air 3 was not revealed during the March event which left a lot of fans disappointed.

Instead, consumers witnessed a new iPad Pro device that had the same size as iPad Air. At the moment, consumers are asking whether Apple wishes to continue the iPad Air series or whether the release of 9.7inch iPad Pro marks the end of the Air series lineup. Apple hasn’t made any official announcement but rumors about iPad Air 3 are still circulating.

A MacWorld UK report suggests that the tablet will be released in 2016 autumn along with the new iPhone. Meanwhile, another report suggests that March 2017 is a more feasible release date in order to focus on the September 2016 release of iPhone 7. Various reports released online have shared their unique concepts of iPad Air 3.