Apple iPad Air 3 Rumored to Feature Major Upgrades, Expected to Release as Early as March 2016, And More

The Tab S2 has an 8megapixel rear camera but it is being rumored that Apple will have the same but it will include a 2.1 megapixel front camera. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is available at a price of $400 and the upcoming iPad could be priced around $619. The features and specifications of the iPad Air 3 are yet to be confirmed.

It has been rumored that the better resolution in the iPad Air 3 means that it will focus more on entertainment and media. Some of the other welcome additions are IPX7 waterproofing certificate along with slimmer chassis.

Latinos Post reported that the new tablet will have a 3D display along with a powerful A9X chipset and a highly impressive 2K resolution. Reports indicate that the rear camera may be 13 megapixels.  The battery sized may also be reduced significantly and this will bring it on par with the latest line of iPhones.

The upcoming Apple iPad Air 3 certainly looks quite promising and we are hoping that Apple manages to release a device that certainly justifies the hype it has created. Do you think the upcoming iPad Air 3 will be more powerful than the Tab S2 and the Surface Pro 4? Let us know in your comments below!

Stay tuned for more updates on theApple iPad Air 3.