Apple iOS Jailbreak: Latest Updates On the iOS Jailbreak Scene, Fake iOS 9.2 Jailbreaking Tools Popping Up, TaiG May Release iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Soon!

A particular website claimed that several fake jail breaking tools are currently making appearances in the market. The website urges users to be extra careful and not fall for these traps as these fake tools are actually viruses and malware that can corrupt and damage any device in which they are installed.

These tools come in the form of iOS 9.2 jailbreaks which has not yet been officially released. Users are notified not to install these tools which claim that they are jailbreaks for iOS 9.2.

In other news, a jailbreak for the new model of Apple TV appears to be on the cards. The new Apple TV was launched by Apple in October 2015. Unlike the Apple TV 3 which runs on iOS, the new Apple TV runs on tvOS, a re-branded operating system.

The new operating system comprises of a lot of similar coding as that of the iOS, while also containing some brand new aspects and features in it. Users of the new Apple TV are ardently waiting for the jail breaking teams to develop and release a jailbreak for the device that will work towards unlocking the full potential of the device.

Stay tuned for more update on Apple iOS Jailbreak.