Apple iOS 8.3 OS Could Be worth the Upgrade While Some Users Wish to Downgrade to 8.2, More Details

Another latest iOS 8.3 change introduces a major change on the keyboard, especially when you are using Safari. Earlier, users complained that they often hit the periods instead of the spacebar. With the new version, there is a wider spacebar which ensures that you don’t make an accidental tap on the space bar. The period has been made a little smaller as well.

After the launch of iOS 8, many users faced a lot of issues involving Wi-Fi connectivity. Many users have complained about its connectivity options. Apple was unable to take care of this problem in the past, but with the recent 8.3 update, they have solved it. If you had Wi-Fi problems in the last update, you can fix it using the latest iOS 8.3.

There was also an issue involving Bluetooth connectivity which has been solved as well. With iOS 8.3, there are 39 new security fixes in the platform. It makes the iOS 8.3 secure against any jailbreaking efforts. Keep in mind that you may still face some problems due to which you may want to downgrade to the older 8.2 version. However, you need to downgrade immediately while Apple is using the earlier iOS 8.2 version as an active one.

Do you wish to upgrade to iOS 8.3 or downgrade to iOS 8.2? Stay tuned for the latest updates on iOS 8.3!