Another Major Update Headed Towards Clash of Clans, Might Bring a New Dark Elixir Troop to The Game!

In the Arena mode, players can indulge in short-burst daily matches. The Alliance mode is more of a team effort in which teams of players can compete to bring as much territory as possible under their control.

The game also features microtransactions which means that players can shell out actual money to help them progress in it by purchasing certain in-game items. The game is currently available for download for the platforms of iOS and Android.

Coming back to Clash of Clans, the last released update brought several new additions to the game which include the brand new loot-cart, the star bonus feature and the Treasury.

The treasury has been touted as the safest place to accumulate resources until they are required. As for the star bonus feature, it gives the player a certain amount of bonus resources on a daily basis each time a player obtains five stars in online raids.

The loot-cart is a feature that adds back twenty percentage of resources lost in defense to the storages. A broken down loot-cart appears in the village each time it loses some resources in defense. However, only one loot-cart appears at a time and thus players are advised to collect it right away.

Stay tuned for more update on Clash of Clans.