Angelique Boyer Won’t Pose Nude Again, Enjoying Her Career and Life with Rulli!

Angelique Boyer has expressed desire to play iconic characters on screen. She said, talking about the popular novel turned film, Fifty Shades of Grey that she feels that a lot of women would associate with the character of Anastasia Steele. She embodies traits which help all women find themselves in her character- scared and timid, yet bold and fearless. Boyer would love to explore such complex characters in Mexican films if she got an opportunity.


Boyer feels that if television actors venture into the big screen, fans are not really interested in seeing them, but the fans desperately hope that this power couple of Mexican television, would create a first of sorts and make the jump from television to the theatre.

Boyer’s fans were hopeful that she would return to the screen soon, but she has said that the projects are happening but will take some time to be completed. Meanwhile, she is enjoying her private life, with her love, Sebastián Rulli. She is taking things slow and staying out of the whole media frenzy.

She came close to her co-star Sebastián Rulli after her mother’s death, and the two have since then fallen in love and have plans of settling down to a new family.