Angelique Boyer Won’t Pose Nude Again, Enjoying Her Career and Life with Rulli!

Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer Angelique Boyer has disappointed her male fans by announcing that she is not going to do nude photo shoots any more. The men’s magazine ‘H Para Hombres’ had done a photo-shoot with the actress in 2008, which left nothing to the imagination.

The actress, in a recent interview, has come out and said that she will not be interested in a similar photo shoot again. She has decided to focus just on her acting career. She said that the photo shoot was something that she wanted to try out; it was something that she did for fun. However, now that it’s done with, she doesn’t think it needs to be repeated. Such photo shoots don’t appeal to her or interest her any longer. She said that she would rather work hard to get a fitter body and pose for sports magazines.

Yes, the fans are surely going to be disappointed by this bit of information from Angelique Boyer, but they might find some ray of hope in her statement where she expressed desire to play the role of Anastasia Steele in the Latin version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Boyer is a huge fan of the E.L. James’ book, and she said she would love to be in it with her boyfriend Sebastián Rulli, playing the role of Christian Grey.

Sebastian Rulli

Boyer and Rulli have been seen together in several telenovelas, and they are currently on tour for their stage production “Los Hombres Son de Marte, Las Mujeres Son de Venus.” The couple are touring Mexico and are overwhelmed by the response they are getting from fans. They had taken a break from the production at the end of last year, but are back doing what they do best, from the second half of February.

The Boyer and Rulli have been updating photos on social networking sites like Instagram to show the world how much fun they are having. They have been sight-seeing and Rulli’s son, Santi has also joined the couple in some of the locales.