An Ellie-Centric Storyline Could Feature On The Last of Us 2, Sequel Teased by New Uncharted 4 Easter Egg!

On the bottom right corner of this poster, you will notice a ‘Dark Horse’ comic’s logo. Instead of being a new game, this could be the next comic installment in the series. The events which gave rise to the main plot in The Last of Us, were already outlined in American Dreams. Uncharted 4 is now finished; therefore, The Last of Us 2 should be their next project.

Keep in mind that teases and Easter Eggs by Naughty Dog are nothing new in the gaming community since the company is quite notorious when it comes to all that. Critics did not reveal anything official regarding this title but latest reports indicate that the game is presently under development, according to Neil Druckmann’s previous statement.

The latest reports also indicate that the game’s official title will be ‘Days Gone’ and it has been neither denied nor confirmed by Naughty Dog. The company is yet to reveal any details on the gameplay as well. Reports indicate that the original storyline will focus on several key characters in the upcoming game.

Many in the audience believe that Joel and Ellie’s journey came to a perfect end in the last video game but at the same time, others believe that a lot has been left untold.

According to some reports, the game will focus on Marlene as she makes her way towards becoming The Fireflies’ Leader. Other rumors suggest that the next installment will also focus on Tommy’s journey.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming sequel for The Last of Us? Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!