Amy Schumer – Most Dangerous Celebrity Online?

Crooks and criminals know this, so they exploit the advantage by directing them to sites that are malware infested. A single search for the Train Wreck movie or Inside Amy Schumer comedy series will produce over 16% possibility of entering into a site with virus or serious malware.

Amy Beth Schumer is not the only affected celebrity. The likes of Justin Bieber, Carson Darly, Will Smith, to mention a few are also affected. It is important to know you can trust the website you visit when trying to be informed about the recent event of these celebrities (yes, in case you’re wondering we’re fine).

Lastly it is of best practice that you do the following when searching for celebrity gist, videos and the rest of them:

  • Visit the celebrity’s official website directly: instead of visiting intermediary sites, it is better you visit the celebrity’s official website. If you don’t know it you can do a quick and harmless search to get it.
  • Do not search for torrents: if you do not use torrent for downloading then good for you, but if you do it is good you know that a large amount of pages that pop up in torrent search result often spread malware or have access to links that spread malware in conjunction with the original file.
  • Make use of security apps on any device you use to visit these websites and make sure you adhere to the security warning when they are presented.