Amazing Spider-Man 3: Rumors, Casting Options, Expectations And More Details

There was lot of speculation about who the actor will be and it was said that Asa Butterfield will be the one who will be filling in the shoe of the young superhero. However, there are reports coming in that Asa Butterfield will not be cast for the role of the Spiderman.

The next contender is Tom Holland, who has caught the idea of the casting directors after his role in the Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor starrer The Impossible. Critics believe that he is the ideal choice for Spiderman, although there are other actors who are being considered as well, including Charlie Plummer and Matthew Lintz.

With internal politics and the specific criteria surrounding the role of Peter Parker in Amazing Spiderman 3, there is another twist in the tale. It is believed that Marvel and Sony are divided in their choice for Spiderman. While Marvel is in favor of Charlie Plummer, Sony wants Tom Holland.

Fans will have to wait and watch how the two studios come to a consensus for Amazing Spiderman 3.