Amazing Spider-Man 3: Rumors, Casting Options, Expectations And More Details

The Sony email leak revealed a lot of inside information regarding the Marvel and Sony venture for the next Spiderman movie. The communication threads that were revealed to the world gave out to the world inputs that have helped fans get some idea about the upcoming Amazing Spiderman 3 movie.

There are rumors that the film Amazing Spiderman 3 might not see the light of the day! Marvel and Sony are being very rigid about the casting for the movie and the description for the role of Peter Parker calls for a straight Caucasian male. The movie will depict the characters as a member of the middle-class.

The interesting pointer in this description is the note about the sexual orientation of the character. Peter Parker’s character has been typecast as a heterosexual and there is no space for deviation, unless of course, if Marvel has depicted the character as such in the comic version.

There is another detail about the character, which holds that the character shouldn’t involve in a sexual act before the age of 16 and neither should he drink alcohol or consume tobacco. The character should also refrain from using abusive languages.

The rigid specifics were expected to be met with uproar by the Spiderman fandom, but the fans have said that the specifications are not rigid because the original character of Spiderman would have anyway adhered to these pointers. The fans are happy that the studios are sticking to the original image of Spiderman in Amazing Spiderman 3.

With Marvel planning on including Spiderman in their Cinematic Universe, fans of Spidey are waiting to see how Marvel plans a comeback for their favorite web-swinging hero. Spiderman movies in the last decade haven’t done very well and with Marvel taking it up, there is a lot of expectation riding on Amazing Spiderman 3.

It is sure that the Amazing Spiderman 3 will not be featuring Andrew Garfield in the main role. Marvel and Sony are looking for an actor who can fill the role of a younger Spiderman. Amazing Spiderman 3 will feature Peter Parker in the role of a high school student and hence Andrew Garfield is not going to be fit for the role.